Everyone thought the 'relay invention test' on MasterChef was really, really stupid


In the first of the semi-finals of MasterChef the contestants had to participate in a relay invention test. Which Twitter decided was completely ridiculous.

Teams of four had to produce a main course and dessert based on a rack of lamb and some pears. In a relay, each person had 20 minutes to cook before passing onto the next team member without any discussion about what the dishes are supposed to be.

Jack and Stuart pass the cooking baton (BBC/Screenshot)

As you can imagine, it was chaos. Viewers were seriously unimpressed with what they thought was a pointless and ridiculous the task.

The red team were far more in control, leaving sensible clues for each person, and John Torode and Gregg Wallace were reasonably impressed.

The reds clearly won this challenge (BBC/Screenshot)

Poor Billy, the last member of the blue team, entered into what can only be described as a huge mess. There was undercooked lamb, a greasy sauce and a pear tart without any pear in it. He was left with the unenviable task of recovering the dishes and plating up.

To make matters worse Billy dropped gravy over his nice white Converse (BBC/Screenshot)

Gregg said the blue team's lamb dish looked "shocking" and it didn't appear to taste much better.

The blue team's raw lamb, raw kidney and raw carrot dish (BBC/Screenshot)

Thankfully all that stress and drama was just for our viewing pleasure, and no one was eliminated after that tough round.