Charli XCX launches new Powerpuff Girls series


The Powerpuff Girls are back, and this time they have Charli XCX as their ambassador.

Cartoon trio Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup -- three super-powered children who fight villains before bedtime - will be back on our screens from today, introducing a new generation of youngsters to their brand of girl power.

Pop star Charli, 23, revealed she was a big fan of the original series, which ran from 1998 to 2005, and is "even more obsessed with it now".

Charli XCX with Powerpuff Girls balloons
Charli XCX (Cartoon Network)

Speaking as she helped to launch the show's new run, she said: "I remember when I was 15 and having all kinds of crazy things going on in my brain. As a young girl, that age can be a time of self-doubt, a time where you let your insecurities show, a time where you're basically just a bit unsure. Strong role models are super important during those phases of anyone's life.

"The Powerpuff Girls are 100% the strongest and coolest kind of role models to have around. The show flips gender stereotypes on its head and is accessible and fun for kids but also for people my age."

The animated comedy series from Cartoon Network Studios is set in the city of Townsville, a beautiful, bustling metropolis with its share of baddies for Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup to take on.

Charli XCX launches the new series of the Powerpuff Girls
Charli XCX (Cartoon Network)

Boom Clap singer Charli said: "I see myself in the characters for sure! As all girls should.

"Strong, fierce, sassy and cute are all the best ways to be, and we all have that deep down inside us even if we don't quite realise it yet."

The Powerpuff Girls launches exclusively on Cartoon Network on April 25 at 6.15pm and will air every weekday night.