A school asked the public to give it a new name and you can guess what happened next


Let's just take a moment to remember when the British people were given the chance to step up and be really creative with naming a £200 million ship for the Natural Environment Research Council.

And we decided on Boaty McBoatface.

Well, fast forward a month and the phenomenon is spreading overseas - a school in Austin, Texas, has come up with these ideas after being asked for new names for the Robert E Lee Elementary school.


Wait, so "Schoolie McSchoolface" is a thing now? Seriously guys?

It doesn't end there either. Other options put forward as the new name included "Boaty McBoatface Elementary School" and "Schooly McSchoolerson".

While naming the school after Donald Trump is apparently the suggestion actually currently in the lead, people on Twitter seem to have strong feelings about what should win.