Find out who wants to put comedian Michael McIntyre on a diet


Comedian Michael McIntyre has revealed his wife Kitty wants to send him to a weight loss clinic.

The actor and TV personality turned 40 in February and admitted that since passing the milestone he'd let his "fitness slide and the weight has gone back on".

Comedian Michael McIntyre
Comedian Michael McIntyre (Yui Mok/PA Archive/Press Association Images)

"I feel a bit weird about turning 40. It makes you feel like you've passed over on to the other side a bit," he told the Daily Mirror.

"And although I do feel more relaxed about things now than I used to, I have to make changes. I've let my fitness slide and the weight has gone back on."

Talking about his impending diet and clinic visit, he said: "My wife wants to send me to this clinic for a week where apparently you basically don't eat and s*** for seven days.

"Obviously they are going to frighten the life out of me and will tell me I'm fat and unhealthy, that if I carry on like this I'm going to die.

"But it's just one week out of my life. My wife is basically saying, 'Go away for a week and come back more attractive'."

He recently returned to BBC One with a new series of Michael McIntyre's Big Show.