Britain's Got Talent: No one could quite get over how this guy sang Miley Cyrus


We knew Craig was going to try and impress the judges on Britain's Got Talent with his singing, but no one expected him to also do impressions at the same time.

He performed Miley Cyrus' hit Wrecking Ball as a lot of different characters and people...from Miss Piggy to Family Guy's Stewie and Peter to none other than the god-like voice that is Morgan Freeman. Not an easy task, eh?

And yeah, some people weren't entirely sold by his first impression (plus, Simon Cowell said after the audition he was also confused at the start of Craig's performance).

As it went on, everyone seemed to get more and more into Craig's act.

Simon ended up being a fan.

Afterwards, all everyone could talk about was which impression was their fave.

Although, as always with BGT, some people weren't so sure.

Yeah, not everyone was a fan.

People wondered if without the photos above him as he sang it would have been as good.

But Craig, you've definitely got a good old fan base now. Plus, you got your 4 yes'.

The question is, how many more voices can he have up his sleeve?!