7 OTT reactions to the announcement of the new Doctor Who companion


Well, it's official. The Tardis is the new home for former Doctors actress Pearl Mackie - who's currently starring on the West End in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

She replaces Jenna Coleman as the new companion to the Doctor, who's currently played by Peter Capaldi (Pearl's character is called Bill, FYI).

And the announcement seemed to cause even more dramatic emotions than normal - maybe partly because the BBC rather randomly chose to air the new trailer during half time of the FA cup match between Everton and Manchester United.

1. Viewers were left very confused.

2. Doctor Who fans were getting impatient about the amount of football chat a while after the whistle blew.

3. Football fans maybe weren't that pleased by the scheduling either.

4. Pearl Mackie's debut did blow some people's minds when it eventually aired though.

5. There were questions about Daleks (Sorry mate, it looks like they're back...)

6. But mostly people were left feeling very excited for the new series.

7. Perhaps even a little scarily excited...