This MasterChef contestant's vinegar-infused ice-cream proved a little too adventurous for viewers to stomach


Things heated up in the Masterchef kitchen as the nine remaining cooks each created a show-stopping dish to wow the judges.

Only the best would make the cut as, having reached the final challenge of knock-out week, only eight amateurs would be offered a place in the semi-final.

"The dish has got to show skill, it's got to be beautiful and it's got to taste amazing," judge John Torode instructed, before the 90 minutes of frantic cooking started.


While most of the contestants opted for an intricate savoury meat dish, Billy shunned his meat and two veg stereotype for an extravagant pear frangipane tart with cider and blackberry poached pears, salted candied almonds and sherry vinegar ice-cream.

Yes. you heard that right - VINEGAR ice-cream. Viewers were not convinced the tangy condiment belonged in the creamy dessert but could Billy prove them wrong with his dish?

As Billy placed the plate down in front of the judging duo we all waited with bated breath for the verdict.

"Not a huge fan of this one, Billy. Your pastry needs to be cooked longer, and it needs more pear to make it juicer," judge Greg Wallace said.

"However I love that sherry vinegar ice-cream, it's absolutely delicious. You say vinegar ice-cream and you expect it to be really sharp and it's not, it's taken on the lovely depth and sweetness of sherry."


Hear that? The vinegar ice-cream was a complete hit - with both judges, in fact - but viewers were STILL not convinced.

After being served up the nine dishes, John and Greg were left to deliberate over the fate of the contestants before returning to the kitchen to deliver the news.

And it turns out Billy's risk was well and truly worth it as he managed to secure himself a place in the semi-final.

"It feels very surreal, I was convinced I was on my way out," Billy admitted, looking ridiculously relieved.


Unfortunately it was Natasha, who failed to wow the judges with her hazelnut praline semifreddo, baked chocolate ganache and caramel sauce, who was sent home after the judges branded the dish too heavy and sweet for their palates.