Someone edited the Spot The Dog Wikipedia page to credit Ernest Hemingway as the author (again)


Celebrated US novelist Ernest Hemingway has again been credited as the author behind the beloved Spot The Dog novels after a rogue edit on Wikipedia.

Actual author Eric Hill was demoted to a mere pseudonym while the work was praised for showing Hemingway's minimalist approach.

The edited version of Spot The Dog page

The edit has been swiftly undone by Wikipedia editors, which is good because we don't need our childhoods confused by references to loveable pup Spot downing whiskey and lighting up.

Wikipedia's edit history shows there were some other NSFW alterations made to the page in the last month.

But this month's edit wasn't the first time Hemingway's name has been linked to Spot's adventures.

Although this tweet is from April 2016, it shows a much earlier edit to Spot's wiki.

The edit was made in August 2010.

The edited version of Spot The Dog page

Soon after, Wikipedia editors explained that the page was being flagged for "repeated vandalism" and that it might be a sustained campaign.