Re-live the moment Prince joined Michael Jackson and James Brown on stage


The death of Prince at 57 has not only shocked fans but left many regretting that they never saw him live.

While some have had the privilege of seeing the incredible performer, just a handful will have witnessed the once-in-a-lifetime moment when Prince joined fellow music legends James Brown and Michael Jackson on stage.

And when we say "joined" - we mean rode on his bodyguard's back. Sound familiar? It's the moment that inspired Kanye West's Send It Up lyrics "It's so packed I might ride around on my bodyguard's back like Prince in the club".

It was 1983. The event: James Brown and BB King: One Special Night. Location: the Beverly Center in LA. Re-live what happened in the clip below.

As the video shows, Brown invites MJ to "come up and say something" when he spots him in the crowd. The King of Pop comes on stage, sings and moonwalks - obvs. Then he suggests to Brown he bring Prince on stage.

The Sex Machine singer then shouts Prince and laughs as the late legend gets a piggyback to the stage from his bodyguard. Then Prince sassily bites off his gloves before tossing them into the crowd. He picks up a guitar, takes off his jacket so he is topless and dances in the only way Prince could.

And there's another piggyback at the end - not without Prince knocking a huge street lamp prop into the stage first though.