Viewers had mixed reactions to Jimmy Savile's photo appearing on BBC's Line Of Duty


With viewers tuning in to BBC Two to watch the penultimate episode of Line Of Duty, questions were being raised as to whether a photo of Jimmy Savile would make an appearance in the police corruption drama.

While the BBC maintained viewers will agree it acted "responsibly and sensitively" when they watch the episode, Liz Dux, a specialist abuse lawyer for law firm Slater and Gordon - which represents 168 of the disgraced entertainer's victims - said the BBC was "grossly insensitive" in choosing to air an image of the child abuser.

But Savile did make an appearance in the drama and some viewers thought it was in poor taste.

However, Savile isn't referred to by name in the show. He is only described as "a celebrity" with Hastings saying: "I think we all recognise him."

Meanwhile, others thought the appearance of Savile made the drama more interesting.

Earlier, a BBC spokesman said: "Line Of Duty is an established fictional drama series set in a recognisable and authentic world.

"One brief picture has been included to highlight the real-life context of the fictional story - that a fictional police officer suppressed claims of child sexual exploitation by a fictional local politician.

"When viewers have had the opportunity to view the episode for themselves, they will see the BBC has acted responsibly and sensitively towards the victims and survivors of Savile."

The final episode is expected to be a 90-minute feature and will air next week.