Prankster sets up would-be thieves with a shocking surprise they were not expecting


A few would-be thieves got more than they bargained for after a prankster set them up with a shocking surprise.

Tom Mabe, comedian and host of the YouTube channel MabeinAmerica, planted a mobile phone at various public locations to differentiate the good Samaritans from the the bad.

But it was no ordinary phone, it was essentially a stun gun, that gave the culprits an electric shock when they least expected it.

From aside a sleeping man at a bus stop to an empty park bench, Tom left the smartphone unattended to test the honesty of the citizens.

After pocketing the device and casually sauntering off, the would-be thieves were zapped by Tom, who was hiding nearby with a remote control in hand.


At one point, the prankster approached a couple that had pocketed his phone asking if they had any idea where it had gone, giving them the chance to fess up and hand it over. Unfortunately for them, they denied any knowledge of it, and you can pretty much guess what happened next...