Enya's fortune continues to grow


Enya may not be everyone's idea of a huge music star - and she hasn't had a number one single in the UK in more than two decades - but that has not stopped her from landing a spot in the Sunday Times Rich List of music millionaires.

The Irish singer-songwriter - who achieved global success with Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) in 1988 - has amassed a fortune of £91 million.

She is ranked 28th in the Top 50 of music millionaires in Britain and Ireland, where her estimated wealth is similar to the likes of Calvin Harris and Adele.

Yes, it seems that Enya is actually one of the most successful folk singers of all time, shifting more than 75 million records worldwide. The only Irish musicians to sell more records are U2.

The star, 54, has had huge commercial success despite not touring and taking years between albums.

But she has previously said in an interview that she believes keeping a low profile has been beneficial to her career.

"A lot of people know Enya the music, but they don't know what I look like or what I do, and I think that's really good for me and for the music as well," she said.

Ian Coxon, who has edited the Sunday Times Rich List for 20 years, explained: "She's consistent with her wealth... we're looking at wealth going over a number of years. Enya hasn't moved a great deal, she's only up a million this year but she's a well-established artist and over her career has sold millions of records. Once you've got the wealth you staying the list, it doesn't disappear.

"She's still performing and still producing records, and a lot of these established artists, their followers go out and buy their records so that's a guarantee of some income in royalties."