Bourne is back! 5 highlights from the new trailer as Matt Damon makes his Bourne comeback


Matt Damon

Matt Damon is back as Jason Bourne in the first official trailer for the new movie.

Titled Jason Bourne, it sees Matt back as the famous agent along with the return of Julia Stiles and newcomers Alicia Vikander, Vincent Cassel and Tommy Lee Jones.

Director Paul Greengrass says the Bourne we'll meet isn't a superhero, he's just "an ordinary guy".

He said: "It has taken us a long time to come back because we didn't have the right story before. The world needed to change and then there comes that moment when it makes sense. You know when it feels right and that's when you do it, not before."

Here are five things we learned from the new trailer:

1. Matt Damon hasn't aged a day. He's 45 now and made the first Bourne movie in his early 30s - and he looks no different.

2. Fans have had varied reactions...

3. Alicia Vikander makes her debut - and people are happy, confused...

Bourne trailer
The new Bourne trailer is here (Universal)

4. Bourne is back and he's still as hard core as ever. The trailer teases glimpses of his usual gusto, weapons, fire, punch-ups, high speed chases...

5. The trailer has given people a chance to reminisce about Matt Damon and Team America. Sigh.