Twitter fans poke fun at Kanye West's 'binman' outfit


Kanye West is getting some stick after wearing what looks like a high-vis jacket during his family holiday in Iceland.

The rapper's wife Kim Kardashian shared a snap of them posing on a glacier, and Kanye's curious fashion choice has sparked a wave of jokes across social media.

Fans have been joking about what Kanye had dressed for - with bin collecting, working on a building site and helping children to cross the road among the suggestions.

One critic wrote on Instagram: "Kanye looks like he's about to cross some children to school lol."

Another joked: "Did Kanye just make your work clothes a thing?"

In another picture posted by Kim's pal Jonathan Cheban, Kanye seemed to be trying to cover up his fluorescent jacket with a huge, long coat.

But he didn't win too many fans for that either.

One person sniped on Instagram: "Jesus Christ, Kanye needs to sack his stylist. His 60 sizes too big coat looks ridiculous. Money can buy u everything , everything except good fashion sense hahaha."