7 things we learned about Taylor Swift from Vogue's tour of her house


Taylor Swift has opened the doors of her Beverly Hills home to Vogue magazine and given us a mind-boggling insight into her life through their 73 Questions segment.

We began in her music room with a piano and guitar where Taylor had written most of her music, before moving into the dining room where she had her vintage Scrabble board on display (we'd love to see her play a game with Karlie Kloss).

In the kitchen- which contains personalised TS spatulas - Taylor revealed her love for vodka and diet coke, chicken tenders (if calories were no object) and her go-to fast food order of "cheeseburger, fries, chocolate shake". Plus if you look closely, you'll even see a picture of Taylor and her boyfriend Calvin hanging off the sink.

Outside in her wrap-around garden, Taylor had everything from a firepit to a rickshaw to a man casually reading in the garden before he asked her for the best anniversary destination (Big Sur, apparently).

Taylor Swift
Taylor's rickshaw and random man (Screenshot/Vogue)

Finally it was back into the living room to meet her cat Olivia Benson and talk ageing, karma and Ed Sheeran.

From her squad to her coffee machines, here's the seven most important things we learnt about Taylor Swift and her home.

1. There are Calvin Harris references everywhere.

Taylor Swift
"You have successfully buried yourself inside my head": <3 Taylor and Calvin (Screenshot/Vogue)

Although Taylor's beau didn't appear in the video, there were plenty of mentions of him. Asked what her favourite present was, Taylor said: "My boyfriend planted an olive tree in my yard for Christmas."

Then on the way out of the house was a framed quote which read: "You have successfully buried yourself inside my head 2/26/15." These aren't lyrics, but a bit of sleuthing has discovered that the date is the night after the Brit awards, when Taylor and Calvin reportedly first met. Aaaw.

2. She has some fierce advice for her younger self.

Taylor Swift
We spy a Grace Kelly coffee table book (Screenshot/Vogue)

"If I could talk to my 19-year-old self, I'm gonna say, 'Hey, you're gonna date just like a normal 20-something should be allowed to - but you're going to be a national lighting rod for slut shaming'," Taylor said.

Her second great piece of advice, "you should never Google yourself".

3. She's cat and Grammy-obsessed.

Taylor Swift
There were cat statues EVERYWHERE (Screenshot/Vogue)

Asked how many cats Taylor had in one room, she answered: "Probably more than 10, and I don't know if you're counting the one that's alive down there."

As for what she's doing at the moment, "Just working out and getting ready for Grammys," which she said were her greatest accomplishment.

4. She's got three coffee machines.

Taylor Swift
Taylor's got to keep her squad hydrated somehow (Screenshot/Vogue)

Taylor's upbeat figure could have something to do with constantly buzzing on caffeine. She showed the camera into her gorgeous chef's kitchen, announcing: "I have espresso, I have regular coffee, I have flavours ... I have a VMA."

5. Her secret talent is ... not a talent.

Taylor Swift
That's a bit...eew (Screenshot/Vogue)

It's double-jointed elbows. And if you were about to think she's the perfect woman, Taylor did reveal two unforgivable flaws: she can't cartwheel or do a handstand. You should be ashamed of yourself, Tay-Tay.

6. She's jealous of Ed Sheeran's degree.

Taylor Swift
Taylor has "lost count in 2007´´ of her number of guitars (Screenshot/Vogue)

"I really want an honorary doctorate degree because Ed Sheeran has one and I feel like he looks down on me because I don't," Taylor admitted.

7. She has the best squad.

Taylor Swift
Taylor chatted about her dolphin spirit animal and Shark Week (Screenshot/Vogue)

"I'm pleasantly surprised by the fact that I tell my friends absolutely everything, and it never ends up getting out," she said of her besties, that include Karlie, Lily Aldridge, Jamie King, Ellie Goulding, Selena Gomez and more.