Kanye West is reportedly making updates to Yeezus tracks on Apple Music


He's already altered a number of The Life Of Pablo tracks since its release in February, and now it looks like Kanye West might be altering Yeezus on Apple Music.

An observant fan took to Twitter to point out an apparent slight change to Black Skinhead, as originally noted by Spin.

The original version features Kanye rapping "For my theme song/My leather black jeans on" while a scratchy second voice backs him up under the mix. The second version uses a completely changed lead vocal which is deeper and more warped.

Others have noticed slight changes to Send It Up, which didn't appear on Yeezus in its original form but was added as a bonus track.

Two lines on the track now feature Kanye rapping with no instrumental set underneath, while before there was a backing track.

All changes are minuscule and require fans with attention to detail to notice, and changes remain unconfirmed by Kanye or any of his team. No changes have been noted on the Tidal or Spotify streaming versions of Yeezus tracks.