Everyone loved Gary and then everyone HATED Gary on First Dates


Never has the tide of Twitter turned so quickly against someone as it did against Gary on the final First Dates of the series.

The 50-year-old former warehouse and logistics manager (he tried to skate over the fact he'd been fired) was set up with the gorgeous Wendy.

Those watching at home were initially quite smitten with Gary and very sympathetic when he revealed that his wife has run off with his best friend.

But then boy, did Gary make a first class mistake.

Turning to beloved waitress Cici, he rudely (and we mean RUDELY) demanded why she hadn't brought Wendy over the drink he'd just ordered yet.

"It's waiting at the bar, sir," Cici coolly replied to his "banter".

"We now know why you're single," quipped Wendy, who later got Cici to sneak her another glass of prosecco just so she could face the rest of her date (Gary was describing his cocoa butter moisturising regime by this point).

And everyone was furious at Gary's rudeness.

Wendy went with the "felt no spark" excuse, although it was quite obviously the "banter" and cocoa butter chat that killed it.

And poor Gary was left wondering why he was still alone. Someone put him out of his misery, please?