Celebrities were out voting in New York as the race for the US presidency heats up


A host of celebrities were out voting on New York's primary election day to decide which candidates should battle it out to become the next US president.

Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham and Susan Sarandon were among the stars who posted pictures of themselves on social media as they encouraged people to vote.

Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump were favourites to win their parties' nominating contests, although Brooklyn-born Democrat Bernie Sanders was hoping to upset the odds by beating Hillary.

Amy made it clear who she was backing as she shared a photo of herself wearing a T-shirt with an image of Hillary on it.

The comedienne raised her hands in the air as she wrote in the caption: "Said go New York go New York go! #imwithher.".

Girls star Lena Dunham shared a selfie with her NYC Votes sticker on the palm of her right hand, along with the caption: "Voting!"
We voted! Get out and vote New York! #democracy #thecouplethatvotestogether."

Susan Sarandon, who has been a vocal supporter of Bernie, tweeted a photo with herself with her I Voted sticker on her forehead and wrote: "Let's do this, NY! #NYPrimary #FeelTheBern #NotMeUs"

Oscar-winner Julianne Moore showed her support for Hillary, while The Avengers star Mark Ruffalo urged New Yorkers to vote.