A Clockwork Orange screenplay 'with notes by director Kubrick' to be auctioned

A proof copy of the illustrated screenplay to A Clockwork Orange, believed to be annotated by director Stanley Kubrick, is set for auction.

Covering the first half of the screenplay, the proof copy contains hand-written instructions and corrections that book specialist Michael Kousah said match writing samples of Kubrick's.

Stanley Kubrick A Clockwork Orange
The lot on offer includes the first half of the illustrated screenplay and the final published book (Sworders/PA)

He also noted that the corrections suggested have been adhered to in the final book, released alongside the film in 1972, which suggests the proof belonged to Kubrick.

The screenplay, which is completely disbound with most pages loose, is expected to reach £400-800 when it goes on sale at Sworders' Books and Map auction on April 26.

Kubrick, a New Yorker who made his home in England, is perhaps best-known for his controversial adaptation of Anthony Burgess's 1962 dystopian novel, which starred Malcolm McDowell as the homicidal thug Alex.

Stanley Kubrick A Clockwork Orange
Auctioneers believe this is Stanley Kubrick's own annotated proof copy of the first half of the illustrated screenplay to A Clockwork Orange (Sworders/PA)

The director's other films included Spartacus, Dr Strangelove, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Shining, and Full Metal Jacket.

Fans of the famed director will get an insight into his mind with instructions that cover the position and size of the pictures as they should appear in the book, and caption corrections scribbled in red and green ink.

In his introduction to the published screenplay which contained 800 stills from the film, Kubrick explained: "I have always wondered if there might be a more meaningful way to present a book about a film.

Stanley Kubrick
Director Stanley Kubrick famously adapted Anthony Burgess's novel (Warner Bros/PA)

"To make, as it were, a complete graphic representation of the film, cut by cut, with the dialogue printed in the proper place in relation to the cuts, so that within the limits of still photos and words, an accurate (and I hope interesting) record of a film might be available...

"This book represents that attempt."

The lot comes with a paperback copy of the complete printed book.

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