The score from Star Wars re-imagined with Indian instruments is pretty special


Music from the Star Wars films has been re-imagined using traditional Indian instruments, giving a completely different feel to parts of the classic score.

The Indian Jam Project perform adaptations of famous theme music from Western films and TV series, and there's probably not many theme tunes more famous than Star Wars.

Tushar Lall is the project's founder and the person responsible for composing and arranging the tracks, which for this video included the main Star Wars theme, as well as the theme for The Force Awakens, and classic music from John Williams' score such as the Cantina Song, the Imperial March and the Duel of Fates.

Some of the instruments used include the tabla, a percussion instrument, and the sitar, the stringed instrument widely associated with classical Indian music.

And if you enjoyed that, you'll likely appreciate the project's take on the Harry Potter theme tune, as well as Game of Thrones and Pirates of the Caribbean.