Beyonce releases longer trailer for mysterious project Lemonade and fans are losing their minds


Beyonce has released a longer teaser trailer promoting her "world premiere" event #Lemonade, and fans on social media are continuing to freak out.

For fans in America, the time to watch will be 9pm on the East Coast on Saturday on HBO. Aficionados elsewhere will presumably be able to join in the fun on her official website

Beyonce releases a new trailer for Lemonade
Beyonce releases a new trailer for Lemonade (YouTube/HBO)

The trailer begins with the 34-year-old sporting a cornrow hairstyle and a fur-like coat. "The past and the present merge to meet us here," she says. The disquieting trailer then moves into a sequence of fast-cuts.

Beyonce is seen in a white strapless gown, with various other scenes including rain drops, clouds and fire. The Single Ladies singer then sports a ruffled yellow dress and smashes a security camera with a baseball bat.

During the mysterious clip, she says: "What are you hiding? Why can't you see me? You are the love of my life."

Beyonce teases Lemonade
Beyonce teases Lemonade (YouTube/

In the voice over, she adds: "Every fear. What am I doing, my love? Pull me in." It concludes with the word "Lemonade" written across the screen.

Sony in the UK announced the "event" as a new single, but the tweet was then deleted.

Sony Music UK's now deleted tweet
Sony Music UK's now deleted tweet (Twitter)

Beyonce released single Formation in February and performed it at Super Bowl 50 alongside Coldplay and Bruno Mars.

The hard-hitting song, which touched on issues particularly affecting America's black community, sparked controversy and some berated the superstar for appearing to criticise the police.

Meanwhile, fans everywhere are losing their minds.

All hail the queen!

A bit of a bitter lemon for some