Mariah Carey resurrects her fierce Heartbreaker alter ego Bianca after 17 years


Hang on to your hats, Bianca is back.

Mariah Carey's rival/alter-ego made her debut in her Heartbreaker video back in 1999 and now she's back to cause more mayhem.

The singing superstar shared these incredible pictures of the vixen on her Instagram page, sporting a thong leotard, leggings and boots.

This one came with the caption: "Ladies and gentlemen... #Bianca"

The second pic gave an even raunchier view of the revived rival.

She captioned it: "#Bianca returns".

Bianca burst onto the scene 17 years ago when she was powdering her cleavage in the video to Mariah's classic hit Heartbreaker.

In the video she spots her boyfriend (Jerry O'Connell!) on a date with a minx while she's at the cinema with her gal pals.

The epic moment comes when "Bianaca" and her nemesis launch into a full-on brawl in the loos before Mariah pours a drink in her cheating paramour's crotch.

We hope this new revival means we will also see Mariah's pink crop top again. Don't let us down Mimi!

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