Ryan Reynolds has a new gig and you won't believe what it is


Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds has made an unlikely switch to the small screen for a new BT advertising campaign.

The Hollywood star joins the likes of A-listers Willem Dafoe, Ewan McGregor and Rebel Wilson in becoming a face for the telecommunications company's Behind The Scenes campaign.

Ryan Reynolds
Suits you sir! Ryan looks a far cry from his role as Deadpool in the new ads (BT)

In the first pictures of the new spoof advert that will highlight the faster speed of BT Infinity, a dapper-looking Ryan can be seen whirring through a pile of autographs proffered by his willing assistants and enjoying his new speedy 52Mbps fibre optic broadband.

Ryan Reynolds
Any good Hollywood star needs fast internet, obviously (BT)

Parodying the advertising process, Ryan will be seen grinding to a halt in a fast car in front of a beautiful house before jumping into a typical action man role.

"Watch me stunt roll out of a car in the next ad for BT Infinity's 'faster' broadband," he says.

The advert will debut on TV on Saturday April 16.