Jay Rayner had some interesting things to say on MasterChef... and the internet couldn't handle it


It was a tough night for MasterChef contestants in the knock-out challenge as they scrambled to cook duck breast for one hell of a tough critic.

Yes folks, a familiar face was back in the studio kitchen on the BBC show to sample the dishes cooked by the wannabe chefs - and it was none other than Jay Rayner.


MasterChef: Jay Rayner.
(BBC screenshot)

Although we were warned by the acid-tongued food critic himself there might be some interesting comments on the show.

MasterChef: Jay Rayner.
(BBC screenshot)

While Jay's "ducked the challenge" line mentioned in his tweet may have been edited out (phew!), Twitter was quick to make their feelings known on exactly how they felt about all his other comments.

Like for example, when he described how duck was being accurately cooked...

And for that matter when he compared a duck dish to Gregg Wallace's left arm...

After noting Jay's verdict on the dishes, judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace were tasked with sending two people home.

At the end of this tough challenge, it was Hope and Jamie who left the show while Annie, Jane, Liz and Billy moved to the next round.