Who is Post Malone? 6 things you should know


Post Malone is in the news following images of him "choking" Justin Bieber, which both artists have since made light of via their various social media channels.

But who exactly is he? Here are a few things to know.

1. He's been categorised as a rapper but shuns that label when asked about it.

Post credits his dad for his interest in a variety of music after introducing him to everything from country and rock to rap from a young age. In a Breakfast Club interview the 20-year-old says his upcoming album features him playing the guitar, as well as "rock stuff".

2. Guitar Hero is what inspired him to learn the actual guitar.

He said the feeling of having the guitar in his hands while playing the game made him want a real one. Reports also say that Post, raised in Dallas, taught himself to play the saxophone.

3. He's touring with Justin Bieber.

Post is one of the opening acts on Bieber's Purpose tour, which is where the pictures of him "choking" the 22-year-old come from.

4. People often think he's a "hobo".

"I have messy hair and I have messy outfits," Post told Shay Diddy. Describing one such incident, he went on: "I was wearing my Kanye West season two shirt with Supreme sweatpants, and I was barefoot. I was outside in DC, and I was just smoking a cigarette and a nice couple was walking by, and they just go to the other side of the street and avoid me like I was a hobo. I'm not a hobo I just didn't have my jewellery on.

"I was just expressing myself but to them I was a hobo," he said.

5. He's one of the many modern artists to get discovered via SoundCloud.

Post's best-known track is White Iverson, which blew up massively on SoundCloud. The next few tracks he uploaded gained a similar amount of attention and soon the labels were knocking. He's currently signed to Universal Republic. Since then he's performed at Kylie Jenner's 18th and featured on a song on Kanye West's album The Life of Pablo.

6. His album is overdue.

On New Year's Day Post told everyone his album would be coming in March, but here we are in April still waiting for it. We received another update following all the attention from his Bieber incident, so it may not be long before there's a whole body of Post work to listen to.

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