Viewers didn't hold back on what they really thought about What British Muslims Really Think


Channel 4´s latest documentary on British Muslims was always going to be a controversial one.

What British Muslims Really Think explored the results of a Channel 4 commissioned survey into the attitudes of Muslims living in the UK.

some of the statistics from the survey
(Screengrab/Channel 4)

The poll - which was conducted by face to face interviews with 1,000 UK Muslims - revealed some striking statistics and viewers were eager to see how the programme would explore them.

But they made up their minds pretty quickly on what type of tone they thought the show was taking.

Katie Hopkins decided to tweet during the show - but she was put down fairly rapidly.

Muslim viewers also decided to share their views on what they really think about What British Muslims Really Think.

But viewers did still manage to find some light relief from all the negativity of the show - in the reconstructions of the interviews taking place.

reconstruction of interviews in the show
(Screengrab/Channel 4)

They wondered whether they could have possibly picked a more miserable looking man to represent the Muslim survey respondents.

reconstruction of interviews in the show
(Screengrab/Channel 4)

Was it even neccessary?! Perhaps not.

Then this guy managed to answer the whole conundrum with one simple point.