Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans address their 'war'


Top Gear co-hosts Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans have laughed off rumours they are at war with one another.

The presenters were reported to have fallen out over a stunt filmed at the Cenotaph war memorial for the revamped BBC Two show.

But Matt has now set the record straight.

Chris also saw the funny side.

Top Gear came under fire for the Cenotaph stunt, which saw Matt and rally driver Ken Block doing "doughnuts" near the memorial in London's Whitehall.

It sparked outrage after photos showed large tyre circles left on the streets surrounding the war memorial after filming had been completed.

Chris apologised on his BBC Radio 2 show and said he "completely understood the furore" and that "retrospectively, it was unwise to be anywhere near the Cenotaph".