It turns out you can have fun at a waterpark even if there's no water

Poseidon's Tower at Atlantis, The Palm, rises 130 feet over the waterpark. That's over six storeys.

Normally, travelling down the 156-metres of twists and turns from the tower on Dubai's man-made island would be exhilarating enough, given 100,000 litres of water carry you down to the bottom.

But three skateboarders decided this slide would be the perfect setting for their ollies and grinds, and judging by the footage of the stunt they weren't wrong.

The boarders ranged from 18 to 25 and one of them, Alex Sorgente described it as "kinda scary". Just kinda, Alex? Really?

"I never had the chance to skate a waterpark before, the slides were huge and a real challenge, kinda scary but very cool. My favorite part was the roll in to the giant bank wall, I've never skated a wall so tall in my life," he said.

Go ahead and start the petition for Atlantis to be included on the next big skating game to come out, we'll definitely be signing it.

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