First Dates: Viewers were all rooting for Ben's date to work out


There were some very worried people watching First Dates on Tuesday night.

We met 32-year-old Ben, who was hit by a car while riding a moped on holiday with his family 12 years before.

He was in a coma for a month and suffered a really serious brain injury - so he had to learn to do everything all over again.

And viewers had never wanted a date to work out more.

Everyone was feeling very emotional before the date had even started.

Some people were making some bold statements.

His date was fellow Mancunian Charlotte, a fashion designer.

As the show went on, Ben said some things that were enough to make people fall, well, totally in love with him.

It was all so damn cute, we were worried it would go wrong...

But we all got the happy ending we were hoping for when she said yes to seeing him again - and admitted she fancied him.

Although hang on - did they actually see each other again?! *crosses everything*

first dates
(Screenshot/Channel 4)