Did a contestant just drop the F-bomb on The Chase before the watershed?


The atmosphere was tense in The Chase studio as Hayley, Paul and Lee had a chance to push back chaser Shaun "The Dark Destroyer" Wallace in the show's final round.

But when the team got the question wrong, one contestant appeared to loudly and frustratedly mutter the word "f***", which unfortunately made its way into the pre-watershed show.

Lee The Chase
Lee (right) could be heard making the clanger (ITV/screenshot)

Viewers were quick to take to Twitter to point out the slip-up after host Bradley Walsh asked the contestants about a German composer.

The team incorrectly suggested Beethoven as the answer, but when Bradley revealed the answer to be Bach, Lee seemed to be heard replying "f***".

One outraged viewer tweeted, "@ITV we all heard that "f***" muttered in the chase broadcasted before 6pm for kids to hear!"

Another posted, "100% certain someone on the chase just said 'f***' under their breath."

The Chase
No one appeared to catch the slip as it was broadcast before 6pm (ITV)

One user shared a video of the offending moment, captioning it, "Wrong answer on #TheChase. "F***!"

But user Connor Briggs was willing to give Lee the benefit of the doubt, suggesting he was just repeating the answer and fuzzy audio suggested otherwise.

"He says "Bach" after getting a question about Bach wrong, not f***," he tweeted.

The show prompted plenty of reaction from fans, who also hit out at chaser Shaun's lacklustre performance in the final round.

Shaun Wallace
Viewers were unimpressed with Chaser Shaun Wallace (ITV)

Despite getting only one question wrong in earlier rounds, he lost his step when faced with some pretty simple questions.

Viewers watched in shock as he gave a blank face and passed when asked, "Which Nestle chocolate bar shares its name with a big cat?"

Luckily for Hayley, Paul and Lee, it meant they won and got to go home with their share of the £17,000 prize pot - and Shaun didn't seem too disappointed.