Viewers were not impressed with the killing and eating of a shark on The Island With Bear Grylls


The groups of participants were into their second week of survival on The Island - yet none of them had eaten a substantial meal since they arrived.

And serious hanger (hungry anger) was kicking in.

The girls had spent days making a fishing net from some washed up rope so they could catch and eat some fish - only for the boys to lose it in the tide while trying to fix it in place.

islanders make the net on the beach
(Screengrab/Channel 4)

islanders take the net out to sea
(Screengrab/Channel 4)

But then they were super lucky to come across an actual fishing net which had washed up and this time secured it in place properly overnight.

They also almost lost team mate Rob in the process, who was swept away on his own onto a separate part of the island and for all they knew could have been dead.

But it seemed like their efforts were worthwhile when they swam out the next day to discover a small shark tucked away in the netting and were literally ecstatic about it.

But viewers had a few issues with that.

Firstly they just couldn't get their heads around why it was dead - did it drown?! Is that even possible?!

It sparked an array of conspiracy theories.

And secondly, they weren't at all happy about the killing and eating of a shark just for TV.

At least that meal will give them some energy and keep them away from temptation to actually, you know, eat each other.