8 things you need to know about the new series of Made in Chelsea


Made in Chelsea returns for its 11th series tonight and the cast sat down to spill all the juicy secrets on friendship feuds, relationship drama and new cast members.

Here's what to expect in Chelsea this series.

Binky Felstead from television series Made in Chelsea, at the Thomson Scene launch party in east London.
(John Phillips/PA)

1. Friendships will "end forever".

The girls' friendship group is going to undergo a "dramatic change" according to Binky and Louise Thompson.

"Relationships aside - we're done with all the cheating and all of that - it's now the friendships. People are separating, the end of friendships forever, unrectifiable," revealed Louise.

2. Ollie Locke is going "gay for summer".

"We've never really had that many gay relationships on the show... so this year I'm putting (mine) on camera for the first time since series two," said Ollie, promising dating disasters and plenty of comedy.

Louise from Made in Chelsea (Anthony Devlin/PA Archive/Press Association Images )
Louise from Made in Chelsea (Anthony Devlin/PA Archive/Press Association Images

3. Louise is making a big decision about boyfriend Alik Alfus.

We left Louise deciding whether she'd move to New York to be with Alik and we can reveal (drumroll, please)... she's in the process of getting a visa! But she's still not sure whether she'll take the leap and leave behind her friends and home.

"We can't get married and live in separate countries, it's the thing people are trying to drill into my head," she said. "Hopefully by the summer, I'll have made up my mind. I need to spend two months there and either I will stay there or I won't."

4. Binky and JP are in loooove.

"This series you'll see our ups and downs, lots of downs but not big ones. I'm really in love with her and she's been amazing with me. She's been the perfect first - and hopefully last - relationship I have because she's been extremely patient with me and how long I've taken to find my feet," confessed JP.

But wedding bells and baby showers aren't on the cards just yet. "I've just learnt to spend a lot of time with my girlfriend so one thing at a time!" he joked.

5. There's an unprecedented five happy couples on the show.

Monogamy has never been the strong-suit of the lads and ladies of Chelsea but for the first time there's five committed couples to take voyeuristic delight in: Louise and Alik, Lucy Watson and James Dunmore, Binky and JP, Sam Thompson and Tiff Watson, and Alex Mytton and Nicola Hughes.

6. There's two new cast set to cause trouble.

Joining this series are Olivia Bentley, 20, a fine art photographer whose great-great-great-grandfather founded Bentley Motors. And with a romantic history with Sam under her belt, Rosie Fortescue is backing Olivia as "one to watch" in the drama stakes.

Also signed up is 19-year-old lingerie entrepreneur Jessica Molly Dixon, who's set up home with Tiff and is expected to cause mischief with old friends Toff, Jamie Laing and Sam.

7. Spencer's left - but the others are staying 'til they're old ladies.

Spencer Matthews
(E4 screengrab)

Notably missing from the cast this series is Spencer Matthews, who was last year forced to drop out of I'm A Celebrity due to steroid use.

"Spencer is going through his own stuff, he's trying to figure out what he wants to do and I think he just didn't want to do MiC any more," said Louise.

"People didn't like him when he wasn't drinking and cheating. They thought he was really boring, but he can't do that any more. He's growing up," added Binky.

As for those two, quitting isn't on the cards. "If I was to move to New York, I would still film as much as possible," said Louise. "It would never be goodbye."

Mark Francis Vandelli and Victoria Haber-Baker (Anthony Devlin)
Mark Francis Vandelli and Victoria Haber-Baker (Anthony Devlin)

8. Old wounds haven't healed.

The end of series 10 saw feuds between Rosie, Ollie, Mark-Francis Vandelli and Victoria Baker-Harber escalate, with accusations of national sausage week campaigns and bad dress sense flying. There's more fallout to come, promises Rosie.

"They've chosen to alienate themselves because they think they're better than the show. If you think you're better than all of us, don't be on it. But we're not their actual genuine friends," she said.

Catch all the drama on E4 at 9pm.