6 things we were all thinking as the new series of Made In Chelsea returned to our screens


Dust of your finest tableware and chill the most expensive bottle of champagne you own, because Made In Chelsea is back for yet another explosive series.

The gang returned on Monday night for the opening episode of the 11th series and it really was worth the wait.

Here are six things we were all wondering during the first episode of Made in Chelsea.

1. What's with all the nudity?!

It wouldn't have been absurd to expect a demure introduction to the series yet the opening scenes left very little to the imagination.

As Binky, Louise and Rosie posed for a nude photoshoot in Richmond's Ham House, Ollie, Jamie and Alex whipped off their clothes for a game of strip poker.

One question... Why?

2. Is there anyone Sam hasn't "bonked"?

Directing the girls' risque photoshoot was newcomer Olivia who let slip to Louise she had history with her brother Sam.

"We used to bonk a bit," she revealed to a gob-smacked Louise, confirming she'd now seen both Thompsons sans clothes.

3. Why oh why would you move in with your boyfriend's ex?

Despite a pretty tumultuous year, Alex and Nicola returned to Chelsea as a couple - but there was one slight difference.

The pair had made the unanimous decision to live separately and so Nicola packed her bags and decided to move in with none other than Alex's ex Jess. Weird much?

Admittedly Millie and Toff were also sharing their abode but you know what they say - keeps your friends close and your frenemies closer...

4. Stephanie's set eyes on the wrong man.

After her brutal break-up from Josh, Steph was finally back in the dating game and had her eyes locked on one Chelsea lad in particular...

We don't blame her for assuming Alex and Nicola were no more - hell, we even believed the same ourselves - but it almost looked as if Steph was hoping to pursue a romance anyway.

"I would never go after him - he has a girlfriend. But if we were in a club and he kissed me, I would probably, like, not hit him," she admitted to a baffled Binky and Lucy.

5. Will JP and Binky ever be on the same page?

While it seems Binky and JP have been enjoying each other's company since the last series wrapped up, it's clear something may be a little amiss with the couple.

The pair were the topic of pretty much every conversation - from Louise and Rosie, to Lucy and James - the general consensus being JP was still struggling to come to terms with being in a relationship.

Despite Binky yearning to spend more time with him, JP admitted he thought nothing wrong of their "new" relationship (it's been all most a year) and even went so far as to criticise Lucy and James' relationship.

Uh-oh, wrong move.

6. We NEVER want to feel the wrath of Lucy Watson.

JP thought it'd be a good idea to confront James about his relationship with Lucy, and boy, was that a bad decision.

JP let slip he believed Lucy forced James into spending each and every day with her, staying round her house and made it difficult for him to see friends.

Naturally the news soon reached Lucy who took the opportunity to stage a full-blown confrontation with JP at a swanky photo exhibition, leaving viewers hoping and praying they'd never get caught in Lucy's firing line.