13 objects you need to see getting crushed by a hydraulic press


This is the story of one man's love for his hydraulic press. For the past six months a guy in Finland has been crushing things with his press and uploading them to YouTube, with the channel witnessing a surge in popularity after a number of the videos were posted to Reddit.

The comments are filled with enthusiastic fans suggesting what to crush next, but the beauty of the channel lies not in the participation of its viewers, but in Lauri Vuohensilta's undying joy for crushing things.

Lauri is a competitive powerlifter who, in his own words, has "always loved to watch things break on YouTube". Lauri's wife, also a powerlifter, can often be heard laughing along in the background of his videos, and it's definitely the excitement the pair get from crushing objects with 100 tonnes of force that has made Lauri's channel so popular.

1. His first upload was him crushing a golf ball.

2. Then, when a "cheap Chinese" watch wouldn't break to his standards, he came up with an innovative fix.

3. "It is beautiful, but for how long?" said Lauri before pressing a Barbie doll. This one was actually a bit disturbing.

4. Next, Lauri set out to test whether you could fold paper more than seven times when using a press.

5. By the time Lauri decided to crush a blender, we realised this man would crush literally anything.

6. He proved once and for all that the Nokia 3310 was in fact not indestructible. Much to our horror.

7. By now you should be realising that Lauri introduces every object as "today we have (insert object) for our press". This man's press is as beloved to him as your family dog is to you. The press is sentient now, and needs to be fed. It's a beautiful thing. Anyway, bubble wrap proved his first true nemesis.

8. Next up was a hockey puck, and the joy in this video lies in how happy Lauri and his wife are when the puck is successfully "crushed".

9. The coin crushing video was particularly popular.

10. Lauri thought it was time to crush some fruit, and we very much approved. Although it probably peaks at the pineapple.

11. Bowling apparatus probably felt the burn more than anything we'd seen on the channel until this point.

12. "I think that we must go deeper," said Lauri as he introduced us to Pressception.

13. And this one, featuring a jawbreaker, is worth watching for Lauri's disappointment at the beginning and his wife's excitement at the end.

And that was the story of one man's love for his hydraulic press. Given some of the comments on the videos, we can hope to see in the future: "a soaked sponge to see if you can get it dry in an instant", a rock, a "five pound gummy bear", and Donald Trump.