Towie viewers are wondering why so many dramatic scenes happen in Tesco


With drama brewing in Essex as rumours of Jake and Megan's affair intensify, the Towie cast retreated to their usual arena of conflict.


Yep, it seems whenever there is some kind of important discussion which needs to take place in the show, it happens in a supermarket.

This week it was Michael and Chloe M who were coming to blows in the middle of the gardening aisle.

What better place to settle your differences?

Everyone was a bit perplexed at this recurring choice of filming location.

There were questions about how this whole scenario unfolded.

And the gardening aisle? Since when were the faithful Towie viewers keen horticulturists?

Just look at those cut-price pots.

More to the point, if this kind of drama is unfolding at an Essex branch on a weekly basis, we'd like an invite.

We will be loitering with our trolleys come next week hoping to see some action.