Fans continue to be charmed by The Durrells


Keeley Hawes' new drama The Durrells continued to get the thumbs up online as the second instalment aired.

The series about a single mum who ups sticks and moves her four children from England to Corfu, which is based on Gerald Durrell's memoirs, has been a ratings winner and a hit with fans, who have been sharing their warm, fuzzy feelings online.

In Sunday night's episode of the ITV drama, eldest son Larry faced death when he suffered a bout of appendicitis with no doctor on the island.

But it was a basket full of cute puppies almost being buried alive that got people talking.

Mum Louisa (Keeley) has proved to be the biggest hit with viewers, with many being quite vocal about her unruly and ungrateful brood.

One fan suggested an answer to the struggling mum's problems...

Still, this week's instalment did hint at brighter times and the possibility of romance ahead.

Watch this space!