Britain's Got Talent 2016: A horrifying sword-swallowing act left viewers unable to watch


This was one act we all found pretty hard to swallow.

Britain's Got Talent contest Alexandr Magal treated prime-time ITV viewers to the sight of him ingesting a sword.

Upside down.

The "very dangerous" stunt left anybody watching - including the judges - convinced they were about to witness the show's first fatality.

The BGT judging panel
(Syco/Thames TV/PA)

"I'm pretty much risking my life in front of you guys," Alexandr said ahead of the stunt, leaving people in little doubt about what they were about to witness.

Sure enough, after shoving a sword down his throat, the Moldovan did a number of spectacular backflips, before hanging upside down from a pole and plunging within an inch of the floor.

Sword-swallowing act on BGT

Unsurprisingly, as soon as it began, basically everyone wanted it to stop.

Even if Alexandr survived the death-defying trick, a few people watching nearly didn't.

It was safer just to not look directly at it at all.

The logistics of the trick puzzled others.

Also, did the programme REALLY need to remind us not to try this at home?

Alexandr has already claimed the crown on Russia's version of the talent show and he is sure to be a hot favourite in this year's competition.

But we imagine if the Royal family get wind of the horrors they might have to sit through, it might be the first Royal Variety Performance where they all pull a sickie.