There was a LOT of swearing on C4's British Army Girls and viewers couldn't handle it


Training for the army is tough. And a group of women were finding out just how gruelling basic training can be in Channel 4´s new documentary called British Army Girls.

The Army Training Centre in Pirbright, Surrey opened their doors to camera crews to show a group of female trainees being put through their paces.

But no one was quite prepared for the amount of swearing at the camp. And people weren't happy.

And some were left wondering... is swearing compensating for limited vocabulary?

Women were also reminded by troop commander Captain Rosie Hamilton that the army is a male dominated environment.

"You should all be aspiring to meet the male standard," she tells the new recruits.

"If you want to be respected by the males you are working with, that's what you need to do."

Not everyone was on board with Captain Hamilton's home truths.

And Twitter wasn't impressed with the off-duty banter either.

During inspection, one of the trainers decided to share his theory about the "law of averages" - a scenario where there was a fair chance that he had slept a trainee's sister.

In the end, the gruelling regime proved too much for 32-year-old Lisa Strain who left at the end of the episode. But if next week's preview is anything to go by, things will only get tougher for the trainees.