Bear Grylls made finalists Jason, Alex and Samantha eat fish eye on Mission Survive and viewers felt sick


ITV's Bear Grylls: Mission Survive put footballer Alex Scott, Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner and actress Samantha Barks through the mill in the tough final.

Having to drink their own urine and endure a 'rectal rehydration' wasn't enough. The three finalists had to eat a fish eye. Yuck.

Jason Gardiner and Samantha Barks
Jason Gardiner and Samantha Barks (screengrab/ITV)

The test evoked the worst I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! has offered its unlucky participants, but the plucky trio - who were weary from hunger - cracked on.

The sound of the eye being crunched in their mouths was a bit much though according to viewers who posted on Twitter.

The fish dish was not delish