Alex Scott wins Bear Grylls: Mission Survive and fans of women's football rejoice


ITV's Bear Grylls: Mission Survive has a new winner: Arsenal and England Ladies footballer Alex Scott has proved herself the ultimate survivor.

The uncompromising survival expedition pushed her and finalists Jason Gardiner from Dancing On Ice and actress Samantha Barks to their psychological and physical limits to see who had the heroic qualities needed to become Bear's Mission Survivor.

Bear quoted Winston Churchill, no less, as he announced his "difficult decision". He told the trio they were all very good.

Alex Scott wins Mission Survive
Alex Scott wins Mission Survive (ITV)

"But, for me, there's one person who stands out. My Mission Survivor is ... Alex!"

As the shocked footballer looked on, he said: "You've earned it the authentic way. And my respect for you is huge. Genuinely."

"To just be able to stand here and be the winner of this is unbelievable," she admitted.

Alex Scott is the winner of Mission Survive
Alex Scott is the winner of Mission Survive (ITV)

Bear called her a "quiet unsung hero" who cares about other people and "never gives up".

"If I was in a survival situation with her, I know, whatever happens, she'll have my back," he said.

On social media, viewers who posted about the show gave the choice of winner their approval.

Alex is a game girl