Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney 'kicked by his wife'

Report claims star endured years of abuse

The Elder Abuse of Mickey Rooney

This never-before-seen footage of Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney purports to show him being kicked by his wife.

He was one of the biggest stars of his day, whose estate could have been worth millions when he died in summer 2014.

The Hollywood Reporter claims he instead endured beatings, humiliation and poverty at the hands of his eighth wife and one of her sons, both accused of abuse and destroying a legend.

The video shows Rooney shrieking in pain. Is he OK? "No, I'm not," he says, choking back tears.

In July 2010, during an interview, the diminutive 89-year-old appears to be kicked under a table by his eighth wife, Jan, as confirmed by his stepson, Chris Aber, who is also at the table.

"She kicked him real hard," says Chris with a laugh. Rooney's offence? Rambling in his answers.

A camera at the end of the table rolls as Jan, theatrically seeking the source of what caused her husband's pain, peers under the table for a moment and then turns to Chris and scolds him for confirming it.

'Only $18,000 to his name'

The alleged wrongdoing and how it went on for so long has been a mystery - until now, the report claims.

Five years after that interview, and more than a year after the star's death, an investigation by The Hollywood Reporter (uncovering legal documents, witness testimony and financial records that never before have been publicised) indicates Rooney's life was more abusive than he let on while he was alive.

What's more, the trouble persisted until he died in April 2014 in a Studio City rental, with only $18,000 to his name.

Rooney's body rests at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where many legendary movie stars are buried.

Mickey Rooney's Wife, Estate Tussle Over Actor's Remains