Style mistakes we all made in the '80s

Did you wear leg warmers?

19 Style Mistakes We All Made in the '80s

Go on admit it, you wore stonewashed jeans. They say it was the decade that fashion forgot, but some memories are hard to shake off.

What about shoulder pads? Joan Collins made them famous in Dynasty, as did Melanie Griffith in Working Girl. But looking like an upside down triangle may not, on reflection, have been such a good idea.

The 80s were also the heyday of the sweatband. Worn around the wrist or head, the likes of Cyndi Lauper and John McEnroe had a lot to answer for.

Leg warmers were also an essential item - and looked cool, as long as you were one of the kids from Frame.

Another influential TV show of the 80s, Miami Vice, had men up and down the country dressing in pastel jackets with the sleeves rolled up in ill-fated attempts to look like Don Johnson.

What goes around...

Ripped jeans are back! Once is seems wasn't enough. It was perfectly acceptable in the 80s - and now - to wear ripped jeans, but time will tell if the fashion to sew on random pieces of patterned material makes a comeback.

Big plastic earrings were also commonplace back in the day. The type John Candy promised teenagers in 80s classic Planes, Trains and Automobiles made them look older. They were, in actual fact, shower curtain rings.

Long before Eric Cantona did it, you may have copied bad boy Judd Nelson's popped collar look in The Breakfast Club. And no conversation about 80s fashion is complete without mentioning MC Hammer's parachute pants. 'Can't touch this', he said. Or bring them back, hopefully.

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