1940's time warp: New parents live in bygone era

Couple plan to give daughter a 'sense of style'

1940's Time Warp: New Parents Live The Lifestyle Of The Forties

Kitten Von Mew's obsession with the 1940s has taken over every aspect of her life, including her home, her wardrobe and even her pregnancy.

The spirited mum and her equally enthusiastic husband Richard have spent thousands kitting out their home with authentic 40s furniture to create a whimsical time-warp.

"I love the 1940s era," Kitten says. "It's lovely going about town dressed up to the nines. The elder gentleman really like it. They get to reminisce. I think it's the same with women when they see Richard in his military gear. They take a shine to him."

Kitten's unique look caught the eye of fellow throwback enthusiast Richard at a World War II convention, and when the couple married in 2012 it was an elaborate 40s affair.

"She epitomises the female 40s. She was breathtaking," Richard says.

Vintage baby

In July 2015, the couple welcomed a baby girl into their retro world - and they decided to dress her in vintage clothing.

"A lot of modern clothes ... it's everything we try to avoid. We wanted to give her some sense of style," says Richard.

Kitten's love of all things 40s started as a teenager - but it comes with a hefty price tag. "It's difficult to put a price on my collection. I'd say around £6000," she says.

The couple regularly attend vintage events where Kitten performs as a burlesque dancer and 1940s singer. Their house is full of 40s items - but they do make some modern concessions.

"You have to embrace modern technology. We still have the TV, but it's hidden away in the art deco sideboard."

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