Brad and Angelina 'consulting transgender expert' over daughter

9-year-old Shiloh 'wants to be known as John'


Brad and Angelina Reportedly Consulting Transgender Expert for 9-Year-Old Shiloh

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are reportedly seeking the advice of a transgender expert regarding daughter Shiloh's gender identity.

The report from Radar Online says 9-year-old Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, the couple's first biological child, wants to be known as a boy, and since they want her to be loved and secure they are now seeking expert help.

Shiloh is known for her tomboy style and has been pictured in the past wearing suits. In 2008, Pitt told Oprah Winfrey Shiloh liked to be called John, and Jolie told Vanity Fair in 2010 that Shiloh wants to be a boy and thinks she is one of the brothers.

"Brad and Angie have been doing everything possible to protect her from being bullied by her peers and outsiders," a source told Radar. "After seeking out professional advice on how to help Shiloh, Brad and Angelina were told to let her dress however she wanted."

Brad's concerns

The source claimed Pitt had been worried Shiloh's two older brothers Maddox, 14, and Pax, 11 had influenced her towards identifying as a male and dressing like a boy.

"Brad was told Shiloh would have gravitated towards dressing as a boy, and being called John, even if her siblings were all girls," the source claimed. "It's just the way Shiloh is, and there is nothing that they did wrong as parents."

The source added: "Angelina is very accepting of Shiloh's choices, and Brad is as well. However, Brad wondered if Shiloh was just a tomboy and would outgrow it."

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