Man puts electrode massaging pads on his face

Don't try this at home


Man Puts Electrode Massaging Pads on Face

Despite a clear warning on his new personal massager that its electrode pulsing pads should not come into contact with the face, this bright spark decided to try out his new purchase doing exactly that.

Excitedly filming himself as the massaging pads go into action at half power, the man laughs as his face twitches uncontrollably.

Not satisfied with these results, he cranks up the power and watches as his face spasms into a full 'Popeye' grimace. Now unable to vocally document his experiment, he resorts to loud squeals and giggles.

After declaring that the gadget is "the best purchase he's ever made", the pulses really kick in and his features go from rhythmic quiver to painful contortion.

His final summary? Putting electrodes on your face "sucks". Glad he cleared that up.