Going under cover: Women reveal the truth behind the fake orgasm

What's really going on in the bedroom?

Why Do Women Fake Orgasms?
Fact or fiction? A group of women admit that when it comes to the fake orgasm, fiction is very much fact. Men, meanwhile, reveal how they would feel about getting 'faked out'.

One woman admits she used to fake it because she "didn't want the other person to feel bad." She says: "If it's not going anywhere and it kind of just needs to end, pull the plug."

Another says: "If someone asks me if I have 'finished' I would just say 'yeah', but I've never really faked it, gone all out."

"It was definitely down to a lack of confidence in me. I didn't know what I wanted," says another.

So, how prevalent is the fake orgasm?

One study in 2010 found that 80 per cent of female participants faked an orgasm 50 per cent of the time!

But how do you fake it? "Start making a lot of noise," one woman says. "Touch your hair and close your eyes. Make your legs stiffen up a bit. And boom! If chicks buy it when you have sex with them, dudes will buy it."

How does it feel, though, to be on the receiving end? One man says it would make him "feel less masculine", while another admits it would be a "blow to his ego." One man says he would "feel cheated."

Does the fake orgasm mean the sex wasn't enjoyable? No, not for one woman: "Just because the Mariners lost, doesn't mean you didn't enjoy the game."