Tricks to get that celeb look in photos

Simple rules to make you red-carpet ready

7 Hacks Celebs Use to Look Perfect in Photos

Hate having your picture taken? You can bet most celebs don't.

That's because they have been well drilled in the art of having their picture taken. So don't despair - there are reasons why they always seem to look good on camera.

Now, you too can look photogenic and red-carpet ready if you follow a few simple rules.

First of all you have to learn how to 'squlnch'. Squinching is all in the eyes. It's when you lift and tighten your lower eyelid and let your top eyelid hang down just a tad.

And when you focus on trying to tighten that lower eyelid, the top one usually comes down to where it needs to be.

Next up: pursing your lips. Pursing is inbetween a smile and a serious look. To try it, go to whistle but without making a sound.

If that's not your thing, instead of going for a normal smile, just go for a big natural smile which people are drawn towards.

More tips

Wear your hair to one side. This can be very flattering as it helps to frame your face while accentuating your jawline.

Next: know your good side. Once you know which side is your good side, try posing from that side more than the other.

When it comes to positioning your body in photos, put one hand on your hip. This will balance your frame.

Another trick is to cross your ankles. Crossing your legs at the ankles when standing gives your body more of a vertical line which can make you appear slimmer.