Weird things people have bought online while being drunk

Pointless purchases including an 8-feet high Will Ferrell

10 Weird Things People Bought Online While Drunk
Don't drink and buy seems to be the moral here for these people who were shopping online under the influence - and lived to regret it the next day.

Asked to reveal the strangest internet purchases they have made while being drunk 'threw up' some bizarre responses.

One woman's tipsy idea was to buy a samurai sword and didn't even remember until it arrived in the post. Not quite as a bad as two brothers buying $180 worth of fake urine, which they said "seemed like a good idea at the time".

Another man bought a food processor, a pair of knee-high bumblebee socks and a colouring-in book called 'Dinosaurs with Jobs'.

And an eight-feet high cardboard cut-out of Will Ferrell is one thing, but entering the delivery address as your mother's house is another.

Getting a buzz from late-night shopping

A lady said a 'friend of hers' (we've all used that one) has gotten absurdly drunk and ordered various things on Amazon because she likes to be surprised. 12 vibrators later and she has finally started cancelling the orders.

One man admitted to waking up to an email confirmation sent at 3.30am for his fencing lessons.

Almost as embarrassing as one lady who confessed to buying tickets to see Hansen, or the guy who bought a thousand communion wafers instead of going to church.

However, not all decisions were tinged with regret. The man who ended up with Nic Cage staring at him from the back of his phone in a dress admitted to being "proud of drunk me".