Can you be friends with an ex?

Is saying 'we can still be friends' just a cliche?

Women Talk About Whether You Can Be Friends with an Ex
These women have been talking about whether or not it's possible to maintain a friendship with a former romantic partner.

We've all heard "we can still be friends" following a break-up - but how realistic is that, really?

One woman says: "I think you should be civil with an ex; I don't know if you can be best buddies."

Another responds: "I think when it comes to being friends with someone you have broken up with, it all depends on how long you have been together."

"If they were a nice person," another says. "And you've just mutually fallen out of love with each other. Then why not be friends?"

However, one woman isn't so sure being friends with an ex will work out long term.

"You see people where its so obvious that one person still has feelings and the other one doesn't have those feelings," she says. "No one's going to get over someone that they're still friends with."

One woman, when asked, simply says: "It depends on the circumstances."

But what do men think?

"Absolutely not," one man says. "Well, actually it depends. Kind of not. Kind of yes. Depending on if someone's broken your heart or not."

Another believes: "Straight after I think it's very weird."

One guy, though, is sure it won't work (for him at least): "Yeah I still think you can be friends after a break-up. But knowing my exes, it's never going to happen for me."

Men Talk About Whether You Can Be Friends with an Ex