Top 10 celebs with the most surprising alternative careers

Top 10 Celebrities Who Could Have Had Alternate Careers
Here's the top 10 list of celebrities who almost had very different careers, ranked in order of shock value.

At 10, Ken Jeong, who starred as the weird physician in comedy Knocked Up alongside Seth Rogan, is in fact a qualified physician in real life, and even has a licence to practice in California.

Danny DeVito comes in at nine. The star of sitcom Taxi who went on to become a huge star of the big screen, worked as a hairdresser after leaving college - styling the locks of the deceased!

At eight, Ryan Reynolds, who before starring as superhero The Green Lantern, nearly became a police officer - just like his two brothers.

Hollywood legend Meryl Streep is next up. The Oscar winner had an early career as a singer and even studied opera for four years - skills she has put to good use in such movies as Mamma Mia.

Bit of a shock this one: Gene Simmons, the Israel-born lead singer of rock legends Kiss trained in his early years to become a Rabbi.

Top five

At five, movie great James Stewart, star of It's a Wonderful Life and Vertigo, enrolled at Princeton university to train as an architect prior to becoming Hollywood royalty.

Sting is the fourth-placed entry. The former Police frontman who went on to have a huge solo career, worked as a teacher for two years while moonlighting as a musician.

The top three starts with actor Steve Buscemi, who worked as a firefighter in New York before starring in hit movies such as Resevoir Dogs and Fargo. He even volunteered to help out emergency services after 9/11.

Missing out on the top spot is Harrison Ford. The all-action, whip-cracking Indiana Jones star spent his early days working as a carpenter, which he kept up all the way to getting his big break as Han Solo in Star Wars.

At one, Tom Cruise. The movie star face of Scientology was actually raised a devout Catholic and planned to become a priest by studying at a seminary.

But legend goes that he was thrown out of the strict religious school after stealing alcohol from the monks who ran the institution.
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